Frost,rain,wind and more rain

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

As winter settles in the fields are bare, the trees have dropped their fruit and the birds fat from a fabulous Autumn with trees and bushes laden with nuts, berries, and fruit. The leaves are falling and everybody is hunkering down for Winter. We see smoke from chimney pots as we go looking for our coats, jumpers, scarves, hats, and gloves that replace our shorts and T-shirts before venturing outside.

For the last 12 weeks, it has rained virtually every day, buckets of the stuff, a good excuse to stay indoors and relax after a busy season with our fabulous guests enjoying everything Carmaganc has to offer. This is a restful period, a time to catch up on maintenance, plan next year's improvements and complete the renovations as we convert our Cowshed into our flat or 'Noah's Ark'. Lots to do.

This year we added some more summer furniture around the heated swimming pool, a trampoline, sandpit, and a swing. The sandpit has been a great hit with our young visitors, I never knew that a sandpit could be so entertaining, the little chap would spend hours just digging. The swing has to be my personal favorite, hand made from locally sourced oak by our local French artisans and is a great addition to the garden. We also installed new Air Conditioning earlier in the year so keeping us snug during the winter season and our guest cool in the summer as this year has been hot with temps in the 40's so vital.

We have lots going on with our application for a star rating to further promote Carmagnac a self catering on the Dordogne Charente border, with 3 large character bedrooms and sleeps 10 and has a heated swimming pool and air conditioning and the development of our new Website, and this, our first blog.

So jobs in the coming weeks are to cut 110 lavender bushes, leaf clearing and mulching, cleaning the pool, and preparing the garden for deep winter in addition to decorating and polishing the woodwork oh and nearly forgot cooking. We love this time of year, decorating the house for Christmas and cooking and sitting back to reflect on the great people we met the memories we helped make.

Is it too early to wish everybody a Happy Festive season? Enjoy

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