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Covid 19

Before your arrival Carmagnac the property is cleaned by the owners and outside help. This ensures our standards are met. We take the cleanliness of Carmagnac and our people very seriously and we place great attention on getting this right. Please NOTE* that both Jane and Richard have previously worked in the Facilities Management and hospitality sectors and Richard wrote the Pandemic plan for the BBC Workplace.

Other than the wearing of a mask to Meet and Greet and the use of Hydroalcoholic disinfectant solution for hands, surfaces, and objects, Guard Tech H60 a 70% alcohol disinfectant these are our standard procedures so you can be assured of a clean, disinfected home when you arrive.


On Departure of our guests from Carmagnac all touchable surfaces (door handles, cooker knobs, window handles, and sanitary ware, etc) and externally Table tennis bats, balls, and other equipment are first disinfected using a WHO-approved 70% alcohol disinfectant and left for 15 minutes.

All windows are opened and the rooms ventilated

We ask that departing guests remove their own bedding and place all personal towels and linen in the bag provided. These are set to one side before washing.


We use a steam cleaner overall tiled surfaces with the temperature steam (up to 180 deg C), which kills just about all bacteria, mold, and allergens that it passes over. For surfaces such as oak flooring, we use a disinfectant and other specialist surfaces as an appropriate product. 

Shower sprays are rotated on each fresh booking and are sanitised between stays. This eliminates any risk of Legionnaires disease and our hot water is heated to above 60 degrees overnight and heated up twice during the day.

Swimming pool

The pool sanitizing (saltwater chlorinated) run time is increased from 12 hours per day to 24 hours before your commencement

Bed linens and towels

We have 3 sets of linen, bathroom, pool towels, and kitchen linen. All bedding, towels, and linen are washed on 60oc.

Cutlery and Crockery

All cutlery and crockery are checked and pushed through a sterilising cycle in the dishwasher before your arrival.


We supply a WHO-approved 70% alcohol disinfectant spray by the front door at Carmagnac

Checking in and out

During this Pandemic, we respectfully but regretfully request that we maintain a 2 mtr distance and we will be wearing a mask.

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