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Helpful Information

Luxury Holiday Retreat in Southwest France

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45.420804, 0.228960

Local Tourism

Nearest Public Transport

Railway Station


Station: 10mins (10km)
Local services, with trains to Angoulême and Bordeaux

Angoulême Station

34mins (31km)

TGV line to various cities including Bordeaux &

Paris – car hire available

Local Car hire

Super U and Drive–Souillac: 

15mins (14km) - car hire available


Bergerac Airport: 

1hr 22mins (85km) - car hire available

Bordeaux Airport: 

1hr 33mins (121km) - car hire available

Limoges Airport: 

1hr 35mins (137km) - car hire available

Poitiers–Biard Airport:

1hr 50mins (145km) - car hire available

Brieve–Souillac Airport: 

1hr 45mins (152km)

South Charente Tourist Office Villebois-Lavalette Office

15mins (12km)


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